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Very seldom are we graced by musical inspiration that touches our hearts by digging deep to unearth our protected glimpse of hope. Growing up Eritrean by way of Egypt, Italy and Germany, singer-songwriter FETSUM explores his inner most thoughts and feelings bestowing on us lyrics that pour delicately from his soul. ‘Urban Folk Music’ is what he coins it, but truth be told, his musical talents stretch far beyond any genre of music. Touching on Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Reggae and the lot, his ode to music is dynamic and rich with colorful expression. Fetsum’s inspirations range from music legends like Nina Simone and Oum Kalsoum to global peace activists to everyday single mothers raising children on their own. Strength, determination and hope exemplified by all people is the energy that fuels FETSUM.

Embarking on his music talents as a teenager but professionally pursuing a music career only a few years ago, Fetsum reached new heights otherwise unprecedented in such a short frame of time. Pulsing at the time in the German music scene, Max Herre from legendary platinum-selling hip hop group Freundeskreis decided to start his solo project. This opened a new door of opportunity for FETSUM in 2004 when he song-wrote the single ‘Sei Tu’ for Max Herre, quickly climbing to #1 on the German Album Charts.

Adding a new twist to his music palette in September 2008, Fetsum was selected to open for critically acclaimed Universal Music reggae-soul recording artist Patrice on his multi-national ‘Free-Patriation’ album tour. Berlin-based design collective, ArtSchoolVets quickly picked up on Fetsum’s music buzz and natural ability to move people by connecting with them on many levels; musically, emotionally, and intellectually. Fetsum’s genuine and touching disposition coupled with electric live show performances attracted ArtSchoolVets to partner with the emerging artist. Offering to co-sign for Fetsum as part of furthering his efforts to raise money to tour with Patrice, ArtSchoolVets developed a ‘Powered By The People’ t-shirt campaign creating black t-shirts for sale provacatively only sporting Fetsum’s face. Through the overwhelming fan response and purchase of t-shirts, Fetsum truly became powered by the people selling over 300 t-shirts in a matter of 2 weeks covering all touring costs.


Touring as Patrice’s hand-picked show opener through Germany, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, Fetsum quickly found his place sharing the stage with class-act musicians with attendance of hundreds to thousands of fans per show. Musically, but also visually the tour proved to be a stunning showcase of artistry featuring reknown French photographer/artist JR who designed the stage backdrop. Making his way, Fetsum then went on to open up for Grammy Award-winning soulstress Estelle in Berlin as part of the Germany leg of her European tour on November 22, 2008. Soon thereafter, Fetsum was nominated and chosen as the Official MySpace Winner at the Radio Energy Music Tour 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany performing with Patrice and others such as Reamonn and Thomas D.

Honored by having worked with such incredible music talents leading up to this point, Fetsum has remained truly inspired and even more passionate and determined as he takes his music to a higher level. In January 2009 Fetsum signed with self-founded independent record label High Fire Music based in Berlin with US offices in New York. Presently he is moving full-speed ahead recording several new songs for his newest and highly-anticipated project yet; ‘Colors of Hope’, a unique music anthology comprised of 12 singles to be individually released once a month for 12 months starting in May 2009. Fetsum describes ‘Colors of Hope’ as a celebration of colors represented in the 12-color spectrum with one message in mind; H-O-P-E. Recorded in Patrice’s Cologne-based Supow Studio, Fetsum reminds us that his 12-track collection ‘Colors of Hope’ speaks to embracing life’s obstacles through empowering ourselves through hope. With each month for comes a new color of hope expressed by a single-track release that we can add to our own personal spectrum.


The first single with video shot in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil entitled ‘Meet You In Paradise’ will be released on May 1st 2009 followed by 11 remaining monthly releases completing Fetsum’s ‘Colors of Hope’ music anthology. Touching people with his lyrics, energy and importantly his message, Fetsum looks to stir the embodied element of hope in each and every one of us; One stroke of color at a time. Choose your color!

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