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Ready to leave..


… or not! Today has been last last full day in New York. It’s sad but I’m also looking forward to seeing Mami & Papi and all my friends. I just cooked some bbq chicken and finished packing my bag. When I started this blog, I said to myself, that I would only post interesting stuff, like things that I have learned. Today I have learned EARMUFFS are the best thing of this season, Yoga in the morning is a winner and I still love Starbucks. Soy Chai Latte is my current favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually.. let me tell you about the Yoga studio I go to: Joschi’s Body Bodega! What a great place. I had set an intention for this year to incorporate sports into my every day live and to find a hobby. Well.. in the pursuit of that I had flipped through some websites trying to figure out how to establish a life here in New York. Amongst those websites there was one that displays everything German in NYC, which is where I found out about Joschi’s. The studio is run by 2 Germans, Joschi and Monika, big suprise! I started off with a beginner workshop by Joschi. I was instantly drawn in, it was great.. I always had funny conceptions about Yoga but this studio is so non-esoterical, not all airy and weired, it’s actually a tranquille place to get a work out and relax. I fell in love with it instantly. The classes are relatively small, the teachers are great, Monika always got something nice to say and Yoschi is notoriously funny. One of my favorite teachers is Meg, she has this great aura about her, her classes are balanced AND she sings at the end of them. Actually my first class after the beginner workshop was with her and I will say that she is one of the main reasons why I wanted to come back and really get into Yoga. She is teaching sunday morning classes at 10.30a and that’s where you will find me on any given sunday… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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