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Today started pretty good. I had breakfast at IHOP with my baby. After that a snowstorm started and I was stuck with my Dunks. I love them dearly but they are definitely not waterproof and my feet were semi-fredo for the rest of the day. I finally made it down to the Financial District but my girl Jeanise was too sick for our counseling session at the SCORE center. So… I went by myself and learned a few things:

1. Do not try to argue with a lawyer!

2. Arguing with a lawyer only makes you wanna get up and leave.

3. Have a friend by your side (or conference her in) to calm down the situation.

So after Jeanise mediated between me and our counsiler, we actually had a productive meeting. See, me and my friend Jeanise are trying to start a business and have to figure out the boring stuff like which business structure to choose, what is an operating agreement etc. Well, these guys have some advice (which I can’t repeat for you guys) but its free and our lawyer cousiler had some good thoughts to add.

Once that was done I ran some errands like going to the bank, doing payroll, buy CHRISTMAS GIFTS at Century21 by Ground Zero. Its the best! You can find great stuff at a cheap price.. HUA, sounds old but it’s true.

jose Then went to work.. THEN.. YOGA! I been waiting on that for the entire day. New teacher named José and I was sweating my ass off. I’m debating if I’m just not strong enough or if I should keep going. KEEP GOING I SAY!

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